Allposts.com is a simple social network that allows people to connect with friends. I created it to be an alternative to existing platforms and the intrinsic problems they have.

It has three simple tabs/sections at the top (desktop) or in the menu (phone):

1. Activity: This tab shows all activity that Users opt to share, with either Friends or all Users.
2. Posts: This tab shows Users' Posts, Comments, and Links in chronological order, and most important, NOT VIA AN ALGORITHM.
3. Photos: This tab shows Users' Photos, arranged in Photo Albums. Users can choose to share these with Friends or all Users through a menu at the bottom.

It is a website and I don’t yet have an app, so create a shortcut on your app pages (iPhone). Also, configure the setting to receive email notifications of activity, because the shortcut can’t make notifications like an app can.

It's not perfect, but this is merely a first generation. And unlike the alternative, it won't concentrate power in one person's control, it won't allow the spread of misinformation, and it will allow Users to control what they see.

It’s simple to use, but play with it to understand how it works. Let me know if you have any questions!